Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Catch up

We have finally been able to get ourselves a new computer so I can finally let you all know how I'm doing instead of simply commenting/lurking on your blogs!

I weighed in today and....

I've now reached the 50lb mark! I'm aiming to lose 10 - 15lbs more (I've got a thing for multiples of five, just makes it sound cleaner!) But I'm not quite sure where exactly I want to be, it's more about how I look than what I weigh so I'll just have to wait and see where I get to.

I weighed in at 160.8 lbs and am now firmly in the healthy BMI category, I never believed that I would actually get here but I have and I think I need to focus on smaller goals rather than 'Oh, you need to lose 65lbs, get on with it' because you can sometimes end up getting bogged down in the enormity of the task ahead of you.

My eating has been pretty on track recently but think I need to get my vegetable count up - I find it difficult because there are so few that I enjoy but I've just got to suck it up and sort it out. I've been getting a decent amount of water in and drinking several fruit teas a day which always helps. Exercise has been ACE, I've adapted a body weight routine posted by Norma (she posted it with the tagline - you'll never do this, I've always been someone who is more set on doing something I want to if someone tells me I won't/can't, sucker for punishment, clearly). It includes sets of push ups (which I SUCK at and seriously need to work on),squats, lunges, mountain climbers, planks, abs (reverse crunches, crunches etc - I don't know the names of the others), bicep curls, hammer curls and squat jumps. Just got to stick at it and find a way to get some decent cardio in.

Also I've been looking at some of my stats compared to the 6th January (when I weighed in after the Christmas period) at which point my body fat % was an abysmal 31% whereas now it's at an okay-ish 26% which I'm quite pleased with but definitely want to improve. I've taken some comparison pictures to compare with the post I wrote for a competition at the end of January to show the change 2 months on.

I think you can tell that my stomach's flattened out and my arms have slimmed a bit but the biggest difference is probably my hips/bum which remain much bigger than the rest of me but look a fair bit smaller than the pictures from January! (Excuse the typical arm tensed picture, I just had to haha!)

So, yeah, that's about it from me! I'm still sticking at it and improving myself as much as possible, looking back at the way I used to eat it's hard to believe I wasn't physically sick as a result of all the crap but hey ho, I've learned from it and moved on to better things! Hope you're all well.

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  1. You are doing amazingly well, and look fab, 50 pounds is a great achievement!