Monday, 21 January 2013

Workout done

First day of my new routine went well, I had to adjust it more than I would've liked as I don't own a bench which I would've needed for incline presses and flys. I lifted just over 6kg for the main moves but lowered to about 3.5kg for tricep kickbacks and dumbbell extensions.

My workout ended up looking like this -
dumbell floor press 4 sets (12,10,10,8), dumbbell skullcrusher 3 sets of 12, dumbbell tricep kickback 3 sets of 12, one arm seated dumbbell extensions 3 sets (10,8,8), squats with bicep curls 3 sets of 6.

It took me around an hour but I think it went quite well, I pushed myself and managed to also get some leg work in so all in all a good workout, now to shower and then get myself something to eat and on with the rest of the day which will inevitably involve a trip to Tesco (boo). 


  1. Sounds like a good workout, I really need a new weights routine, yours sounds great!

    1. It worked really well, I got the main outline from this website there are loads on there suitable for people with access to the gym too so it might help you! :)